Areas You Should Insulate in your Home


Having an attic that isn’t properly insulated, can cause the heat to leave your house through any cracks and crevices. During the summer, your attic insulation should help to keep the outside heat from entering your home. Spray foam is the best option for attic insulation. This is due to the material taking the shape of any space or room, which is perfect for attics especially if they have irregular designs or protruding joists and beams.


Insulation in your exterior walls can provide air and moisture barriers. It also protects your house from water damage, and reinforces your home’s structural integrity. This insulation is responsible for maintaining your indoor temperature at a comfortable level. Now interior wall insulation, isn’t as common even though it has many benefits. By insulating your interior walls before covering them with drywall, you can prevent heat from leaking into adjacent rooms. This is beneficial for modern homes with thin walls. You can also soundproof the interior walls with insulation.


For some reason many homeowners skip insulating their basement. Basements are actually prone to cracks and gaps that cause water and air leaks. These leaks can result in moisture problems as well as pest infestation, mold growth, and more serious structural issues. Insulating your basement seals up these cracks. On top of making your house more energy-efficient, insulation keeps your basement dry and comfortable. This is necessary if you’re planning to use your basement as a living space.

With these benefits and applications, spray foam insulation really gives you your money’s worth. Although it requires sizable payment upfront, the spray foam’s energy efficiency and durability will afford you better cost savings in the long run.

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