What Is A Cap Rate?

The capitalization rate, or cap rate for short, is an indicator on how quickly you will get a return on your real estate investment. It is important to remember two things. First, the cap rate for a “safe” investment, such as a certificate of deposit (CD), is usually in the low 1-2% range. Second, this cap rate you are about to calculate doesn’t take into account factors such as increases in property value, boosts in monthly NOI, or the many tax breaks afforded to owners of multifamily properties.

To calculate the cap rate, all you do is take your monthly NOI and multiply it by 12 (to get the annual number) and divide that number by the property’s current market value. The key thing to understand about cap rate is that higher is not always better. A higher cap rate generally denotes higher risk and higher return. While a lower cap rate, conversely, indicates a lower risk and lower return.

A good rule-of-thumb is to shoot for a cap rate in the 5%-10% range. Anything lower and the investment may not have enough yield, anything higher and you want to be sure you understand all the risks associated with the investment.

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