Many homeowners envision a fast and hassle-free sale when they think about selling their home in Connecticut.

Typically, selling a house in good condition (one that doesn’t need significant repairs) takes about 60 – 90 days depending on its location.

Unfortunately, many Sellers find themselves with unsold properties months after putting their houses on the market and become frustrated.

On the other hand, there are homes in the Greater Hartford Area and other cities in Connecticut that sell quickly.

So why the difference in how long it takes for homes to sell? If you’re not selling your Connecticut house as fast as you would want, then several factors could be the reason.

From choosing the wrong option for selling to selling an ugly home.

Read on to know what could be the reason for your property sitting forever in the market and steps you can take to sell your house quickly.

  1. Unrealistic Price

How much did you ask for your house? Researching the price for your home is crucial to selling a house fast in Connecticut and most everywhere else.

Find out how much home selling houses like yours are asking for and pick a competitive price. Do a comparative market analysis of your house.

If your asking price is way above the other homes for sale then it’s unlikely that you will sell fast.

You need to set a realistic price that makes sense with buyers. Get a few valuations from real estate experts to help you determine your home’s value and how it compares to others in your neighborhood.

  1. You Chose The Wrong Way To Sell

Ensure you pick the right way to sell your house. For instance, if you decide to sell a house with the help of a real estate agent, hire a reputable experienced realtor.

A real estate agent who is inexperienced could be one of the reasons your home is not selling fast.

Also, you might choose to sell a house through an auction only to end up selling below market value.

If you want to sell quickly, decide to sell the right way – sell to CT Cash Homes.  We buy ugly houses anywhere in CT.

  1. The House Has Too Many Problems

Before you sell, you may need to renovate and make repairs to attract buyers. Homebuyers looking to live in houses they purchase don’t want to be left with a leaky roof or water damaged home.

With more and more buyers looking to buy houses in perfect condition, selling a house that needs work could take a long time. Fortunately, you can sell without renovating or upgrading.

Here at CT Cash Homes, we buy ugly houses anywhere in CT. Whether you have too much clutter in the house, a leaky roof or any other problems, we can make an offer for your home.

  1. Your House Is Ugly

If your house is not pleasing to the eye, then you can expect to wait for a while before you sell.

Ugly houses are deal-breakers when you want to sell your home the traditional way.

However, when you choose to work with a real estate investor, you can be sure you won’t struggle to sell your ugly home.

Ugly houses might put off typical home buyers but not CT Cash homes. We love ugly homes!

Here at CT Cash Home, we buy houses for cash, in any condition. We can close quickly with no fees and no commissions.

Give us a call today!

About CT Cash Homes

Have you been researching how to sell my house fast in your local area? You have come to right place! CT Cash Homes is local and we buy homes for cash! We are a Real Estate Solutions company based in South Windsor CT. We are a third generation family owned business. Our focus is helping homeowners who are having problems with foreclosure, divorce, probate or who just need to sell their home quickly for any reason. CT Cash Homes works with you to provide a solution to your problem.

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