As the building and maintenance supervisor of a commercial building in Connecticut or Rhode Island, you have the task of maintenance items; carpet cleaning, roof inspections, air conditioning maintenance, the list goes on and on!

However, one thing that may not be on your maintenance checklist is window cleaning. You may not think that window washing is an important ‘maintenance’ issue, but it really can be!

Not only does regular window cleaning keep your commercial building windows crystal clear, but it also helps to keep spider webs, dust, debris and the fallout from bird impacts with your windows.

Regular window cleaning can also help maintain your windows. A number of environmental factors can permanently damage your windows such as hard water stains from concrete leaching.

Many commercial buildings in the Connecticut and Rhode Island are built with concrete that is on the same vertical plane as the windows. As time goes by, calcium and other minerals used in the manufacturing process of concrete seep out of a building’s walls.

Unfortunately, if the concrete wall is above a window that mineral streak is deposited onto the glass. This is a very slow process that occurs over time. These mineral streaks can leave your expensive glass with permanent damage. There are ways to remove these mineral deposits from windows, but it can be very costly and labor intensive.

The best solution for protecting your building’s glass is regularly cleaning your windows.
Here at TMG Cleaning Services, we recommend quarterly window cleaning for commercial properties. Not only does this clean off minor debris and deposits before they have the opportunity to attach their way onto the glass, but it also keeps your building clean and professional looking for your staff, clients and visitors.

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