Remember growing up there was a child proof cabinet lock under the sink or all of the household cleaners were in the closet on the very top shelf? Turns out there is a good reason. The reason is most of them are harmful to your health. Even worse if some of them are mixed they can become toxic and deadly. Here are some of the most dangerous chemicals you may keep on hand in your  home or office and what makes them so dangerous.

1. Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Toilet bowl cleaners are great for the toilet bowl but have a lot of chlorine and acids in them that if mixed with other cleaning solutions can create a toxic gas. Not a good choice to keep under the sink in your office building. 

2. Aerosol Cans

Most disinfectants contain a chemical called VOC which if inhaled can be harmful to your health. This chemical can be found in disinfectants as well as air fresheners and aromatic sprays.

3.Tarnish Remover

Some tarnish removers have a chemical known as carcinogens also known as cancer causing chemicals. These chemicals are dangerous to anyone who comes into contact with them but are especially dangerous to someone who is pregnant and their fetus. 

4. Carpet Cleaners

Common carpet cleaning agents can be toxic if inhaled. Prolonged exposure to their chemicals can cause significant respiratory damage.

5. Bleach

Never mix bleach with any other chemical. You have probably heard that before but just in case you haven’t. The active ingredient in bleach is sodium hypochlorite. When this is chemical is mixed with another common household chemical like ammonia it creates chlorine gas which is deadly. Bleach vapors by themself can cause dizziness, confusion and can irritate your skin. 

6. Mold Removers

Inhaling mold can cause havoc on your respiratory system and your overall health. Even more so if you have a history of asthma. 

After reading this article, you are probably thinking to yourself “how the heck am I going to clean the office?” The point is that there is a lot of liability in these everyday cleaning solutions. You are best leaving the cleaning to the professionals at TMG Companies.

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