Our expert cleaning staff have provided methods that teachers and the property maintenance crew can employ to further protect themselves and students from a flu or coronavirus outbreak and create a healthier and cleaner classroom.

Handwashing: Nothing beats the power of handwashing when it comes to germs. You should be washing your hands every chance you get. Preaching and teaching good handwashing skills is a must for a healthier and cleaner classroom.

Disinfect: Hand sanitizers are a great way to ensure germs are not transferred from an object to your hands. When a student starts coughing or in the early stages of a sickness, it is important to wipe clean all of the classroom’s high-touch areas like desktops, dispensers, handles, and doorknobs. While the school’s cleaning crew may disinfect the rooms at night, the following morning when students and staff start arriving germs are being brought back in and are being placed on surfaces. When disinfecting these surfaces you should use a sanitizing spray and microfiber cloth for the best results.

Environment: Reducing the amount of objects in the classroom that foster and spread germs and allergens will help improve the room’s air quality. Items like cushions and rugs are magnets for dust and other toxins that will spread toxins into the air. Have students bring in their own school supplies to reduce their exposure to other children’s germs.

Clutter: Not only does clutter provide more surfaces for dust to collect on, but it also makes it more difficult for our janitors to effectively clean the area. Removing unnecessary items also makes it easier to organize your paperwork and drawers and provides students with more workspace.

Teamwork: While there are plenty of places that need to be cleaned, you do not have to take this task on alone. There are multiple benefits to having students take part in the cleaning duties. Not only will the cleaning get done more quickly, but it will also help them develop valuable teamwork skills. Since having everyone working together reduces time spent cleaning, you can make these cleanings a daily or weekly routine. For younger students you can make a math game out of it or a sing along.

You should make sure to have a ready supply of tissues, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes to keep your room prepared for any outbreaks. With these strategies and our regular janitorial services, your school and classroom in Connecticut will be a healthier and cleaner than it ever was.

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