While the window replacement tends to vary between each job there are some things are pretty much the same. Knowing how to prepare for such a project is very important. We have provided you with some things to do before we arrive.

What To Do Before Mainville Windows Arrives

Have a plan for your pets:

The window replacement company will be in an out of your home throughout the day. They don’t want your furry family member escaping or to be stressed from the strangers in the home. The backyard isn’t a good option either if we’re replacing windows on the back of your home as we’ll likely be in and out of the yard as well.

Kids need a plan too:

If it’s not a school day or they’re not yet in school, it might be easier to have a plan for them to be out of the house as well. Window replacement can be loud.

Take down all window treatments:

Pinning them back or pulling them up isn’t enough. Please completely remove them.

Clear walkways:

As we bring the large and heavy windows into the home, we don’t want to cause any damage to your home or the new windows. Clearing the walkways of toys and décor is always appreciated.

Move furnishings away from windows:

Also move valuables away including any art that hangs on the wall near the windows.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Whether you have a question for your window replacement company when the job is scheduled or the day they arrive, ask. If you’re concerned about something, bring up your concern. Your window replacement company wants you to love your new windows and for the installation process to be a seamless as possible.

Mainville Windows & Doors

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